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Popular Types Dentures

When it comes to dentures you want a specialist in the field making your dentures to get that perfect bite and perfect fit. There are many options when it comes to dentures and everyone will have a different set of circumstances.

This video gives an overview of the 7 different types of dentures.

Telescopic Dentures – Partial Dentures

If you only have 4 or 6 teeth you don’t need to have them extracted for dentures. By using technology recognised in Germany since 1968, telescopic dentures use your existing teeth as anchors which then gives the perfect fit and aesthetics. The materials used in telescopic dentures are biocompatible and half the cost of implant dentures. Even better, they can be made in a few weeks. This fixed but removable telescopic denture allows for ease of cleaning and simplicity of denture repair if required. READ MORE

Telescopic Dentures

Telescopic Dentures made from bio-compatible chrome cobalt

All-on-4 Implant Retained Dentures

The All-on-4®  technique secures the dentures by using four or more dental implants providing a fixed, permanent solution. Because they are firmly fitted to the implants you can eat most foods without any trouble. They can also be removed for cleaning so you maintain good oral hygiene and healthy gums. Just like a single dental implant, it increased bone density and there is less shrinkage in the mouth. READ MORE


Acrylic resin implant retained dentures

Suction Dentures

Suction dentures are made usually by a specialist dentist called a Prosthodontist using a special impression technique that significantly increases the retention of a denture until it sucks onto the gum with atmospheric pressure. Optimal retention means the denture stays in place and is not floating around, particularly in the lower jaw. A well-made suction denture requires manual power to break the seal when attempting to remove the denture from the mouth. READ MORE

Full Dentures & Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is a complete or partial denture made out of dental acrylic. Usually, the denture will be inserted on the same day, immediately following the removal of natural teeth and can be worn while the healing takes place.


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