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TMD / TMJ Specialist

When it comes to TMJ / TMD many people with the sign and symptoms of this condition may not relate this to this disorder in particular.

What this means is the TemporoMandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) and is associated with the ‘pain and dysfunction’ of all the muscles that move the jaw and the TemporoMandibular Joints (TMJ).  You may often hear those clicking noises when you open and close your mouth and when eating.

Treatment To Ease TMJ Pain

Splint Therapy

Fully Protected Occlusal Splint

The most effective relief can comprise a combination of things. Firstly a fully protected occlusal splint at night to give the jaw a resting place. Just like you have a pillow for your head, your jaw does too. You will find no more grinding or tension in your cheeks and jaw. This requires splint adjustments as your bite changes.

Pamper your face with a ‘Heat Buddy Heating Pad’ when you sleep and when used in conjunction with splint therapy it provides additional comfort and relief. It’s all about giving as much support to the jaw as possible and removing as much stress and tension as you can.

Common Symptoms

There are multiple symptoms and you can have just one or many. These could be clicking jaw, severe pain in the jaw and cheek muscles, pain even in the neck and shoulders, headaches and migraines, dizziness and ringing in the ears or deafness, and down to total dislocation of the jaw when eating.


Causes Relating To TMJ / TMD

What Causes TMJ / TMD

Number one would have to be stress and holding that tension in your cheek muscles and jaw. You are then probably clenching or grinding teeth at night. Sometimes dislocations occur of the TMJ through injuries – like trauma or whiplash. Also if you have had dental treatment like braces, crowns, or bridges and when they have been incorrectly shaped or fitted, this changes the alignment of your bite, thus changing all the jaw muscles and alignment of your jaw as well. This then leads to the dysfunction of your jaw TMD.

Bite Adjustment

Bite adjustment is another phase that follows because once your TMJ discs and jaw is back in its home position or true hinge bite, the poor position and arrangement of your teeth will be obvious to us both. Dr. Florian Mack will explain all this during your treatment.


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